Search a database using a single field

This window enables you to enter one or more search keywords or strings in a single editable field. Separate search keywords or strings with a space, comma, or semicolon. You can also use partial keywords.

If the search is configured to use data already on the document, the window may already be populated with results.

Tip Depending on what type of database is configured for this search, it may be possible to use standard operators such as <>, <=, <=, <, <, and =, to narrow your results, but only for numeric and date database columns. For string columns, wildcards using the % character may also be possible. Please contact your solution integrator for more information.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the window:




Opens the Help for this window

Up Arrow

Navigates to the row above the current position

Down Arrow

Navigates to the row below the current position


Selects a suggested result and closes the window


Closes the window

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Validation Buttons.

  1. Type one or more keywords or strings, and click Search.
  2. Compare the search results with the corresponding values on the image.
  3. Select the row by clicking on its row number on the left of the table.
  4. Click OK.

    The selected record is inserted into the corresponding validation fields.