Enable comprehensive orientation detection

If you are using automatic rotation and several documents are still not rotated correctly after processing, you can use Comprehensive orientation detection.

Important This more thorough method of orientation detection can take a long time so the best practice is to use it only when other rotation options are not sufficient. This is because the Comprehensive orientation detection option is project specific. All classes and documents will be processed using this option and this increases recognition times.

The most common use for this option is for projects with the following configuration:

  • Classes with incorrectly rotated documents are using content classification or a combination of layout and content classification.

  • Your default page profile is using the FineReader method.

    Note In this configuration, rotation is only performed at the time of classification so if a class is configured to use a different recognition engine, it is not taken into account for rotation.

You can configure your project to perform more thorough orientation detection by following these steps:

  1. On the Project tab, in the Configuration group, select Project Settings Project Settings icon.
  2. Select the Recognition tab to view the recognition settings.
  3. Open your FineReader page recognition profile.
    Note If you are using mixed print recognition with a FineReader page profile for machine print, you should clear the "Remove background" option on the Mixed Print Page Recognition Profile window. If Remove background is selected, some documents may not rotate as expected.
  4. On the recognition profile window, in the General Settings group, select Comprehensive orientation detection.
  5. Click OK to save your recognition profile settings.
  6. Optionally, click OK to close the Project Settings window.
  7. Optionally, test your classification settings against some documents that do not rotate correctly to see if there is improvement.
    The best practice is to perform several classification benchmarks with and without this setting enabled. These benchmarks help you to determine if more documents are successfully rotated and whether or not the reduction in performance is acceptable.
    Tip If a project is configured with no classification, rotation is performed only if OCR on demand is required. This means that you can do one of the following:
    • Enable the Comprehensive orientation detection option in the default page recognition profile so that all documents are rotated when OCR on demand is performed.
    • Create a new page recognition profile, enable Comprehensive orientation detection, and assign it to problem classes only.

    When OCR on demand is performed, rotation is applied using Comprehensive orientation detection for any relevant documents.

  8. Optionally, click OK to close the Project Settings window.
  9. Save the changes to your project.