Validation forms

Validation forms are used to display the classification and extraction results for validation. You can either customize a validation form for a class, or inherit the form from its parents. If a validation form is not defined for a class or is not inherited from a parent class, a default validation form is used in the Test Validation mode or Validation. The default validation form shows all fields and tables defined for the class. For each simple field a field label and a mini viewer are shown. For each table field, a grid is displayed that represents its line items.

Note If you define a custom validation form and then decide to add additional fields to your project, these new fields are not added to the form automatically. Because of this, the best practice is to wait until all fields are present in your project before defining a custom validation form.

To create a custom validation form, you customize the validation form for a class and for each Validation step if multiple steps of validation is enabled. For example, you can add additional tabs, move a validation form element to a new tab, group elements, add buttons, labels, or change the tab order of the fields.

Note If a class has more than 256 fields, the default validation form may not include a mini viewer for each field. As a result, it may be necessary to add the mini viewers manually when there are more than 256 fields. However, if you have more than 256 fields but fewer than 400 fields, there is a workaround that ensures that the mini viewers are displayed on the validation form without adding them manually.

If you create a custom validation form before exceeding 256 fields, the mini viewers are present on the form. Continue adding additional fields until you reach your total number of fields. Since any fields added to the class after the custom validation form was created are not added to the form automatically, delete the customized form and recreate it. You should see mini viewers for all fields, as long as you do not exceed 400 fields.

If you need to add more than 400 fields, you can choose between adding the mini viewer for all fields manually, or adding any fields after the 400th field manually.