Add a custom test set

If the default document sets are not sufficient for your requirements, or you simply want to test your project using a fresh set of documents, you can create a new document set that contains the desired documents.

Note For the best results, ensure that the documents used in any document set are located on an NTFS file system. A FAT 32 file system has a restriction on the number of files allowed, and exceeding this number could result in the loss of documents and data. For more information, see

You can create a custom document set by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. In the Documents window, on the toolbar, click Open Document Set Open Document Set icon.

    The Open Document Set window is displayed.

  3. Type in the Path or browse to the location where the test documents are located.
  4. In the File type group, select a File Type.
    Tip If you have mixed file types, or are unsure what file types you have, select "Automatic".

    If you select "Source" files, select one or more of the available file types.

  5. Optionally, in the Options group, select Include subdirectories if the documents are nested in a hierarchy.

    Selecting this option means that the subfolders are automatically searched for nested documents to include in the document set.

    Note The other options now available are not normally required when opening a document set for testing and optimizing a project. As a result, none of these options are mentioned here. If you want to use these options, please see Using Document Set to configure a Project Hierarchy for more information.
  6. Click OK to save your settings and close the Open Document Set window.

    A new document set is added to the bottom of the list of document sets in the Documents window.

    Note If you close your project at this time, the newly added document set does not are displayed in the list of document sets. It does however, are displayed in the list of Recent Documents so you can quickly access it in the future.
  7. Optionally, right-click the header of the newly created document set and select Keep Document Set Reference in Project.

    This permanently associates this document set with your the project so it is always visible on the Documents window.

    If you do not perform this step, assuming you chose to save the document structure, this document set is available in the "Recent Documents" list.

  8. Add documents to your document subset as required.