Add a folder to your project

In order to add a folder to your project, you need to first enable folders for your project. Once enabled, the Project Folder is added to the Project Tree and acts as the top-level folder. All other folders contained within the Project Folder inherit any fields, validation rules, and scripts applied to the top-level folder. Similarly, if you add a folder and add fields, validation rules, or scripts, those are inherited by any child folders. You can add a folder by following these steps:

  1. Open the Project Tree window if it is not already open.
  2. In the Project Tree window, select the Project Folder Project Tree - Folder icon.
    Tip If you are working with a large project, minimize the Project Class Project Tree - Class icon. This ensures that the Project Folder is easy to find and that your classes do not get in the way during folder configuration.

    If the Project Folder is not available, you need to enable folders for your project.

  3. View the Project Folder contents by clicking on its View Show Class Contents icon icon.

    The folders, fields, and validation rules for the Project Folder are displayed.

  4. On the Design tab, in the Create group, click Folder Add Folder icon.
    Tip You can add only one folder class per hierarchy level.

    A new folder is added and selected automatically under the Project Folder.

  5. Rename the folder as desired.
  6. Open the Details window if it is not already open.
  7. Select the newly added folder and keep the Can contain documents option selected if you want to allow documents in that folder.

    If you want to restrict documents from the folder, clear the option.

  8. Add and configure the details for additional folders as required.
  9. For each newly added folder, add the necessary folder fields.
  10. If you have defined folder fields, you can customize the validation form for the folder fields. From the Design Tab, in the Validation Forms group, select Design Folder Layout Validation Forms - Design Folder Layout icon.

    The Validation Form Design window is displayed.

  11. As with any type of field you can define validation methods for folder fields.
  12. Update your script to include the newly added folders.

    You have to define a script for the DoFoldering event so that Kofax Transformation Modules - Server automatically creates the folders for a batch and places documents in those folders.

  13. Test your foldering validation methods and rules.
  14. Save the changes to your project.