Field formatting

Field formatters are used to normalize and validate the format of information extracted from a document based on predefined formats. Field formatters can be used for simple fields as well as for table fields.

For a simple field, you assign one formatter to the field. For table fields, you assign a formatter to each column. For table fields, the formatter is processed for the cells in each detected table row.

A formatter reformats the extraction result for a field and assigns it to the field. Additionally, it sets property values for specific formatter fields as follows:

  • Double Value property for the Amount and Percentage formatters

  • Date Value property for the Date Formatter

  • Both of the preceding properties are available for the Script Formatter. If the Boolean value of the field DoubleFormatted property is True, then the DoubleValue and/or DateValue properties can be used in scripts for calculations. This enables you to work with field values without being concerned about reformatting the field text.