Test a multi-field validation method

Configuring a multi-field validation method involves several fields. When testing this validation method, enter data for multiple fields to simulate extraction and validation.

Also, validation methods are not yet assigned to document fields, so specify temporary formatters if the script code relies on the DoubleValue or DateValue property.

You can test a multi-field validation method by following these steps:

  1. On the Project tab, in the Configuration group, select Project Settings Project Settings icon.
  2. Click the Validation tab to view the validation settings.
  3. Select the invoice field validation method to test and click Properties Properties icon to open its properties window.
  4. In the Invoice Fields group, enter sample data into the Test Value column for the corresponding fields on your invoices.
  5. Optionally, select a formatter for each field.
  6. In the Testing group, click Validate Valid Field Result icon.

    A message is displayed below the input field with the results of the test.

  7. Modify the validation method properties until you are satisfied with the test results.
  8. Click Close to save the validation method properties.
  9. Optionally, click OK to close the Project Settings window.
  10. Save the changes to your project.