Class General Properties

The following properties are available when designing a form for each class:

Active language

Select a language from the list to localize the designed validation form elements with a single click. The defined project languages are available as selection; initially the Active Language property is set to the selected project design language at the project level on the Project Settings - Localization Tab.

Allow force valid

Select TRUE to allow Kofax Transformation Modules - Validation to force a field to be valid.

Character exact editing

Select TRUE to allow Kofax Transformation Modules - Validation character exact editing.

Detailed Field Status

By default, TRUE is selected to show detailed field status information in Validation or Test Validation, select FALSE for a simplified field status information.

The detailed field status information is displayed in the format of "3 fields valid, 1 field invalid (2 fields invisible, 1 field read-only)." Besides the number of valid and/or invalid fields it displays additional information, such as the number of invisible fields or read-only fields. For the simplified field status only the number of valid and/or invalid fields is displayed. Additional information such as "3 fields valid, 1 field invalid" is omitted.

Folder field visualization

Select No Separator if you want to show folder fields and normal document fields without a separator on the validation form. To show a horizontal bar separating the folder fields from the document fields select Horizontal bar. To show a colored background, select "Colorize background".

Tip Change the folder pane properties to define the color settings for your validation form.
Horizontal Tabs

Select TRUE to display the horizontal tabs and FALSE to display the tabs vertically at the upper left side of the form.


You can mask areas on a document for a certain validation step. To define these areas draw zones with the mouse within the Document Viewer on the document. For the Color option you can choose either Black or White from the list, so that the area on the document is displayed either in a white or black color. The Zones setting lists all the areas that are drawn within the Document Viewer. To delete a zone you can either select the zone within the Viewer, or select the zone from the list within the Zones property and press Delete to remove it.

Note For masked areas no additional registration is processed. Therefore you need to create zones that are generously proportioned.
Tab Details

Select TRUE to show details in the tab captions. Details include special colors for tab headers, red when it contains invalid fields and green when all fields are valid; and displays the number of valid respectively invalid fields.

If you select FALSE, only the caption text defined in the tab properties are displayed.