Document Viewer (table mode)

This Document Viewer mode is only available when the Table Locator Properties window is also open. The purpose of this window is to enable you to test your table settings with the added benefit of seeing the proposed extraction results on one or more test documents.

In addition to this mode, the window can also be displayed in the default Document Viewer mode and Zone mode, and any specific table functions are no longer available.

Note If the Table Locator Properties window is closed, the Document Viewer (Table Mode) reverts to the default Document Viewer mode.

The available Document Viewer (Table Mode) functions are displayed in a toolbar at the top of this window. Any options that are not available for the selected document are disabled.

Table 1. Table Mode Toolbar Options
Option Name and Description

Show Text icon

Show Text

Displays the recognition text data for the selected document. This option is available only for documents with recognition results.

Show Image icon

Show Image

Displays the document image.

Previous Page icon

Previous Page

Navigates to the previous page in the current document.

Next Page icon

Next Page

Navigates to the next page in the current document.

Previous Document icon

Previous Document

Navigates to the previous document in the batch.

Next Document icon

Next Document

Navigates to the next document in the batch.

Zoom In icon

Zoom In

Increases the magnification of the current page in the Document Viewer.

Zoom Out icon

Zoom Out

Decreases the magnification of the current page in the Document Viewer.

Fit to Page icon

Best Fit

Adjusts the magnification of the image so it fits within the Document Viewer.

Fit to Width icon

Fit to Width

Fits the image by width within the Document Viewer.

Test Documents / Design Document

Show Selected Document

Selecting "Design Document" opens the document where the master cell is drawn. This enables you to toggle between the different documents to test that your design document settings are working elsewhere.

Help icon


Displays the Help.

Show project columns icon

Show Projected Columns

Highlights any projected columns found with your current Table Locator extraction settings.