Single field validation rules

Use single field validation rules to validate the contents for both simple fields Project Tree - Field icon and table fields Project Tree - Table Field icon. For table fields, the single field validation rule is applied to a specific cell or subfield within the table, and not the entire table. To compare values or perform a calculation within a table, use a multi-field validation rule.

The Single Field Validation Rule Project Tree - Single Field Validation Rule icon icon appears in the Project Tree and represents a single field validation rule.

Use this type of rule to ensure that the content extracted from a document for a field conforms to certain rules. For example, ensure that a Credit Card field has 16 numbers, or that a Customer ID follows a specific pattern.

Instead of defining the rules for each field, configure a validation method in the Project Settings - Validation tab. This enables you to configure validation methods for use in more than one field or class in your project.

A single field validation rule can contain more than one validation method, enabling you to create reusable methods that you can use in any combination. This ability makes your validation methods and validation rules more flexible.