Force field valid

Fields that are not placed on a validation form or that are set to be read-only cannot be modified by a user in Validation. This means that a field can be invalid but cannot be validated to make the document valid. To ensure this does not occur, every time you open Project Builder, a warning message is displayed if there are any fields that are read-only or not visible on a validation form.

The best practice is to set the "Always valid" field option for all read-only and invisible fields. If you set this option in the field properties, the field is forced to be valid. This means that the field status is changed from invalid to valid automatically. In Validation or Test Validation the field is then displayed as valid.

Even if fields are placed on a validation form and are not set to read-only, it may be not be possible to obtain a field status of valid. Suppose you have a validation rule such as "the date cannot be older than 30 days," but the invoice you validate is much older. In this case, by pressing Enter the field never gets valid, and so the document does not become valid. By pressing Ctrl + Enter you can force a field to be valid, overriding all validation rules for this field. If you do not want to allow this, you can disable the option "Allow force valid" for a validation form. Set "Allow force valid" in the Class General Properties or the Folder General Properties on the validation form to FALSE, depending whether the field is a document or a folder field.

Note If a field was forced to be valid, this information is stored permanently with the field.