Create New Class and Table Locator window

Use this window to create a new class and a Table Locator. The window is displayed when clicking the Create Class and Table Locator button from the New Samples toolbar. It allows configuring a new Table Locator for documents that fail extracting a table automatically in validation.

Use the following options to need to be set to create a new class and the Table Locator:

Class Name

Type the name of the new class here. If possible, a class name is suggested from the content of a vendor name field. This is a field that is directly or indirectly, using an evaluator, assigned to the VendorName field for the invoice group locator. For this to work, the field needs not be visible and available on the validation form.

Select Parent Class

Select a class where the new child class is located, or select Insert as base class to insert the new class as an additional base class.

Locators - Inherited

By default Inherited is selected. From the submenu to the right you may select the existing Table Locator that is updated locally to the new settings made during validation.

Locators - New

If you do not want to inherit an existing Table Locator, but use a new one, select New. Type a name for the new Table Locator. This new locator uses the settings from validation.

Select Table Model

Select a table model from the list of available table models. The selected table model is set for the Table Locator properties when you click OK.

Current Document

The Viewer displays the document that was returned from validation and the table, that was manually populated in Validation, is highlighted.