Configure regions

By default, locators operate on the entire page for every page in a document. To expedite processing, you can define regions that restrict the locator to portions of a page or to certain pages. This is useful if, for example, you know that an item always is displayed at the bottom of the first page.

When it comes to regions, there are two different ways that you can restrict a locator. First of all, you can restrict each individual region to look on a specific page or pages. In addition, you can restrict the locator itself to search specific pages. Because of this, the best practice when configuring regions is to always use the Page value to restrict a region and not the "Enable locator for" option.

You can define whether a page has full text recognition performed by Server by configuring the Locator enabled for option on the Regions tab. You can restrict full text recognition to certain pages, but this option is ignored if any of the other defined locators for this class use the default All pages value.

Note Some locator methods, such as Invoice Header Locator, Line Item Matching Locator or Table Locator always require full text recognition on all pages.

Regions are configured on the Regions tab.

The following locators support the use of regions: