Automatically flag documents for extraction online learning

If your project contains one or more trainable locators, you can configure the project to monitor any of the fields mapped to a trainable locator subfield. If any of the monitored fields require the Validation or Thin Client Validation user to modify their position on a document, that document can automatically be marked for extraction online learning. This removes the pressure from users, who may not have the necessary information or training to know what documents should and should not be marked for extraction online learning.

The combination of general project settings and field-specific settings gives you great control and flexibility over what documents are added to the Extraction Training Set. You can configure your project to mark relevant documents automatically in Validation and Thin Client Validation by following these steps:

  1. On the Project tab, in the Configuration group, select Project Settings Project Settings icon.
  2. On the Online Learning group on the General tab, Ensure the Enable Online Learning
  3. Click on the Advanced button.

    The Advanced Online Learning Options window is displayed.

  4. In the General Settings group, Ensure the Use Extraction Online Learning option is selected.
  5. In the Extraction Online Learning Settings group, select the Automatic training after Validation option.

    Any field mapped to a trainable locator subfield can now be configured for automatic online learning.

  6. Select a field that you want to monitory for automatic extraction online learning that is mapped to a trainable locator subfield, and open its Field Properties.

    The Field Properties window is displayed.

  7. On the General tab of the Field Properties window, select the Monitor for automatic training option.
  8. Optionally, configure additional fields mapped to trainable locator subfields to be monitored for online learning.
  9. When finished, click OK to save your changes to the Advanced Online Learning Options window.
  10. Optionally, click OK to close the Project Settings window.