Anchor validation form elements

Anchoring is used to resize validation form elements, such as fields or tables, dynamically with the validation form. A default validation form uses default anchor settings that can be changed when you customize the form.

When a validation form element is anchored and the form is resized, the element dynamically resizes with the form. For example, if you have a table that is anchored to the top, left, and right sides, as the form is resized, the table resizes horizontally so that it matches the same distance from the right and left sides of the form. Use the validation form element properties to set the Anchor property.

You can anchor your validation form elements by following these steps:

  1. In the Project Tree, locate the class with the validation form to update.
  2. On the Design tab, in the Validation Forms group, click Customize.

    If you configured the project for more than one Validation step, select Step <n> from the submenu, where <n> is the number of the step whose validation form you are customizing.

    The Validation Form Layout window displays the form in a standard layout if you are defining the form for the first time, or your customized form.

  3. Select the element to be docked and select one of anchor points from the properties. Repeat this for each element to be docked.