Local Image Cleanup

A local image cleanup profile is available for use on an Advanced Zone Locator to help with zonal recognition. Local profiles differ from global profiles because these are not reusable. If you have a zone that requires image cleanup, you do not have to use a global profile if one zone has characteristics that are not present on other zones. A local image cleanup profile can be created from scratch or copied based on a global profile. The local profile is then configured to use one or more image cleanup methods, just like a global profile. You cannot use global profiles and local profiles together. You can only use one or the other.

Copying a global profile enables you to modify the copy without affecting the global profile. If you do not copy the global profile, any changes that you make to that profile will affect every zone or locator that uses that profile. For the best results, copy a global profile if any modifications are needed for a single zone. This ensures that you do not inadvertently affect the rest of your project.