Application log files

These log files contain information about various applications while in production. The log files contain different levels of information, depending on how they are configured. Each log file is a text file, with tab-separated data so it can be opened in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. A new log file is generated each day, even if an application runs for multiple days at a time.

The location of the log files is configured in the Service Configuration window in the Server module. For more information, see the Help for Server, Knowledge Base Learning Server, and Services.

The name of a log file includes the name of the module, the date, and step number, if appropriate. This means that if there are several steps of Validation enabled for a project, the name of the log file includes this instance number. For example, KTM_Validation#1_2017_07_31.txt and KTM_Correction_2017_07_31.txt.

However, if you are using two instances of Server, these are not separated into separate log files. The individual iteration numbers are recorded in a single log file.

You can generate application log files for the following applications.

  • Correction

  • Document Review

  • Knowledge Base Learning Server

  • Scheduler (Server Scheduler)

  • Server

  • Validation

  • Verification