Document Review tab - Project Settings window

Use the Document Review tab to manage Document Review behavior for this project.

Document Review Methods

The group shows a list of all methods, showing their name and method type. Use the following buttons to manage your methods:


Click Add to insert a new Document Review script method. Type a name for the method, select a type, and then click OK to open the properties window for that type of validation method.


Click Delete to remove the selected validation method from the project.


Click Rename to change the name of the selected Document Review script method.


Click Properties to modify the Document Review method properties. The Document Review Script Method Properties window is displayed.


Click to customize shortcut keys, hot keys and user-defined commands.

Document Review Settings

This group has the following options:

Override problems

Select this option so that the Document Review user can override a problem by putting the document or batch into a valid state. The user can close the batch if all problems are either fixed or overridden. This option is cleared by default.

Display confidence

Select this option to display the classification result for a document to the Document Review user. If the user changes a class, Reclassified is displayed. This option is cleared by default.

Automatic navigation

Select this option so confirming a class presents the Document Review user the next problem document. The default behavior for confirming a class is to keep the focus on the current document. This option is cleared by default.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.