Script Code window

Use this window to edit scripts with the WinWrap Basic Editor. This is an interactive environment for developing, testing, and executing WinWrap Basic scripts.

The editor contains both a menu bar and a toolbar. Descriptions for most of these options is included in the WinWrap Basic Editor Help.

Select the Editor Help from the Help menu to get more information about the script editor and its user interface. Select Language Help from the Help menu to get more information about the WinWrap Basic language. Select Script Documentation from the Help menu to get more information about script programming and CASCADE objects.

The following menu and options are not included in the WinWrap Basic Editor Help.


This menu has the following options.

Clear All Scripts from Project

Removes all scripts from all classes and folders, as well as all references from the scripts.

Save All Scripts

Saves all scripts to a user-specified location so that they can be viewed outside of Project Builder. This includes folder scripts, class scripts, and the main project script.

Use these options when troubleshooting scripting issues in your project.

The Object list right beneath the toolbar provide the following:


The Object list shows all the objects for the current module.


The Proc list shows all the procedures or events for the currently selected object. Selecting an item from the proc list that is not bold inserts the proper procedure definition for that procedure into the code area.

Additionally, the editor has different tabs that are vertically arranged down the left side of the window. Each tab consists of an edit area used to insert script code and a band on the left to place breakpoints.

Before you start entering code you have to select the correct sheet. The project script is always opened as the first sheet (tab 1). The window caption of this sheet is Project - Script Code. For example, in this sheet you can implement a field formatting procedure or a script validation method. All public defined functions or methods in this sheet are available in all other sheets.

For each class and for each folder a script sheet is inserted by selecting Show Script from the shortcut menu of a class or a folder class. In these sheets the internal methods of the class can be implemented.