Field properties and validation

Use the Validation Threshold area in the Details window to include a field that defines the validation thresholds for each field. Also assign a validation method that you create on the Project Settings Validation tab. The validation thresholds and validation methods determine whether a field is valid or invalid.

Fields that have the "Require manual field confirmation" option selected, must be validated manually, even if the status of a field is valid. This option is useful if the contents of a field must be absolutely accurate with no margin for error.

However, if manual field confirmation is never required during validation, select the "Always valid" option which does not use the minimum validation confidence and distance thresholds. Also use this option for any field that you do not add to your validation form. This ensures that the fields not included on the form cannot be invalid and cause problems during validation.

The "Automatically extract empty tables in Validation" option enables the validation process to automatically extract empty tables. Clear this option in the Project Settings Validation tab to switch between documents during Validation and avoid re-populated line items. This prevents unused table fields from being re-populated.