Search a database using multiple column fields

This window enables you to perform searches or select a record that overrides the current field values in the selected document. The title of this window is configured by your system integrator.

If the window is pre-populated with search results, you can select one and it populates the validation fields.

Note In addition to a search string, you can also enter standard operators such as <>, <=, <=, <, <, and =, when querying a numeric or date field.

For example, if you enter a value of <10 into a numeric or date field, the search finds all records that have a value of less than 10. Any values in a string column that contain the search string, are returned as well. Using the same example, "House <1023>" is also found in a string field.

For database columns with the" string" type, it is also possible to use wildcards as part of the search text. If your solution integrator has already configured wild cards for this lookup, that behavior is overridden. For example, if you search for "%No," the wild card character is the start of the search, and the search returns "November," "Note," "Notice," etc.

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to navigate around the window:




Opens the Help for this window


Enters cell edit mode

Left Arrow

Navigates to the column on the left

Right Arrow

Navigates to the column on the right

Up Arrow

Navigates to the row above the current position

Down Arrow

Navigates to the row below the current position


Exits cell edit mode. Press again to start the search

Ctrl + Enter

Selects a database record and closes the window


Deletes the content of a cell


Closes the window

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Validation Buttons.

  1. Type a correct value into one or more of the column fields.
  2. Click Search.

    A successful search returns one or more rows of data.

  3. Compare the search results with the corresponding values on the image.
  4. Select the row by clicking on its row number on the left of the table.
  5. Click OK.

    This selected record is inserted into the corresponding validation fields.