Multiple selected project tree items details

For each of the selected Project Tree items, the Details window displays all of their options in a grid.

The grid that displays all of the details for the selection is separated into three distinct areas:

  • The first column is always visible when you scroll through the different options on the right.

  • A scrollable list of details is displayed to the right while the list of Project Tree items remains visible on the left.

  • An editable row is displayed across the top of the scrollable options.

If you select multiple fields or the Fields Project Tree - Fields icon collection topic, the details shown in the grid are the same options that are displayed in the Field Details. Similarly, selecting multiple classes or the Classes Project Tree - Classes icon collection topic, the options displayed are the same options that are shown in the Class Details.

For multiple selected classes, some of the options contain abbreviations in the column header labels. These abbreviations are used to ensure that the label association is clear because the group headings displayed in the Class Details to group related options are not displayed in the grid. The following abbreviations are used:


Trainable Document Separation


Standard Document Separation


Subtree Classification

For example, if you select two or more simple fields, a grid is displayed so that you can modify several fields at once. Similarly, selecting several classes enables you to edit more than one class at a time.

Note You can only edit multiple Project Tree items of the same type. This means that you cannot edit a field and a class at the same time. You can however, edit several simple fields, several folder fields, or several classes at the same time.

Any changes made here in bulk are saved automatically. The next time you open up the individual details for one of the Project Tree items, the changes made here are displayed.

Important You cannot select and edit multiple table fields at the same time.
Note The field options displayed in the User Interactive Modules group are not available for bulk editing. If you want to display a field for either Correction or Verification, you need to edit the Field Details for an individual field.