Classification Locator sample

This sample project was created to be used as an "embedded" project. This means that you can configure a Classification Locator and reference this sample project rather than create a classification project from scratch. The sample project is pre-configured for layout or content classification, either instructions or Adaptive Feature Classifier and has a subdirectory structure that can be used to classify a document by its language. When processing documents, string values describing the languages are subsequently returned.

After you have extracted the CLSLoc_Language sample zip file, you can find the project file and another file needed for content classification. The multi-lingual documents used for training are not part of this sample project, because all training information is saved to the "Language_Content Classifier.dat" file.

When setting up your extraction project, a project that does not have a Classification Set yet is sufficient. Set up this project with a default classification result (1 base class), define 1 field and assign it to a Classification Locator. In the properties of the Classification Locator, reference the "CLS_loc_language" sample project and leave the rest on default. Now feed your project with documents in various languages: the configured field contains the language as estimated by the Classification Locator.