Configure an ODBC relational connection

If you use ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), create the DSN (data source name) on the same computer where Project Builder is installed. It also needs to be on any production computer that accesses the ODBC database.

Note Ensure that your table or view names do not end with the strings ".txt" or ".csv". This is because these strings are reserved as file extensions and should not be used as part of the name itself.

On the Databases tab, create a connection that is used to link to the ODBC database. When you create a new connection, a window appears where you specify the DSN and authentication. You can modify this connection as needed.

  1. If you are creating a new connection, the Configure ODBC Connection appears after you complete the Add New Connection window. If you are modifying an existing connection, open the Configure ODBC Connection window by following these steps:
    1. On the Project tab, in the Configuration group, select Project Settings Project Settings icon.
    2. Click the Databases tab to view the databases settings.
    3. Under Relational Connections, select the connection you want to change.
    4. Click Properties.
  2. In the Data source name (DSN) field, select the DSN you want to use.
    Important The DSNs visible in this list are already present on the local computer. In order for any interaction with this database to work in a production environment, add the same DSN connection on any machine running Kofax Transformation Modules - Server, as well as any workstation running a User Interactive Module.
  3. In the Login Information group, type a User Name and Password if applicable.
  4. Optionally, you can review the Connection String field.

    This string shows the connection to the database and is defined by the other settings in this window. If you have specified a password, it is fully encrypted and cannot be viewed. You can edit the connection string as needed. If you change any of the options in the window, a new string is generated and overwrites any changes you made.

  5. Click Test Connection to verify that the connection works.
  6. Click OK.

    If the connection works, the Configure ODBC Connection window closes. If the connection fails, an error appears and the Configure ODBC Connection window remains open until the connection works.

    If you are unable to get the connection to work, click Cancel to close the window without saving the changes.

  7. Optionally, click OK to close the Project Settings window.
  8. Save the changes to your project.