Validation rules

Validation rules are maintained within each class in the Project Tree. This enables you to see the rules for each class in a single glance, minimizing effort when updating the rules in any way.

Validation rules are used to assign validation methods to one or more fields in a class. Single field validation rules can have more than one validation method while multi-field validation rules can have one validation method only. Similarly, you can also add more than one validation rule to a field.

Because of this flexibility with validation rules and validation methods, you can use simple configurations so that small reusable validation methods and validation rules can be used multiple times.

You can add the following validation rule types:

Single Field Validation Rule Add Single Validation Rule icon

Single field validation rules look at the extracted data for a specific field and validate the data against the selected validation methods. This includes all field types, including table cells, and line items.

Multi-Field Validation Rule Add Multi Validation Rule icon

Multi-field validation rules validate multiple fields. Multi-field validation rules have a one-to-one relationship with multi-field validation methods. A multi-field validation rule can only contain one validation method, however, you can add another validation rule to a field as needed.

Manage validation rulesas follows: