Multi-Field Script Validation Properties window

Use this window to define multi-field script validation methods.

Required Fields

This group displays a list of fields that are added to be used within this validation method. As you add fields, the script sample is updated. The following options are available for managing the required fields:


Click Add to add a field. A default name is added, that you can modify. You can also add a test value for the field.


Click Delete to remove a field.

Move Up

Click Move Up to move the selected field up in the list of required fields.

Move Down

Click Move Down to move the selected field down in the list of required fields.

Event Type

This group has the following option:

Specify if this validation method should be used for document fields or folder fields

Since there are different event methods for documents and folders, you can choose between document and folder validation. The value for this option is set to Document Validation by default.

Script Sample

This group contains a multi-field script sample that you can copy and modify for your own needs. It also has the following options:


Highlights the script sample contents so they can be copied.


Copies the selected script sample to the clipboard so it can be pasted in the desired script.

Please select the data type you want to use in script

Select a data type to be used in script. The value for this option is set to Strings by default.


This group enables you to do the following:

You can test the options set above by typing some sample text into the Text input text field and clicking on the Validate button. You can also configure the following option:

Specify a field formatting here for testing date double values inside the script

Select which validation method is used when testing dates or double values in a script. The value for this option is set to <No formatting> by default.

A message is displayed below the input field telling you that the entered text is valid, or explains why it is not valid.

In addition to the common Project Builder buttons, the following buttons are provided:

Show Script

Click this button to open the Script Code window.