Masked areas in Thin Client Validation

Masked areas are an efficient way of restricting what areas on a document are visible to different Thin Client Validation users. Masked areas are usually used to hide sensitive or private data from your users.

When a batch opens in Thin Client Validation, any masking is already applied so that users have no access to the data hidden on the images. For this reason, it is important that the assigned class is correct and that the user does not change it.

If the change class list is available in the Thin Client Validation module, all recognition data and masked areas are discarded if the user changes the class. If the new class has its own masked areas, these are applied as the document image reopens. If a class is changed, masked areas may display information that you want hidden, or hide data required to perform validation.

The best practice is that you hide the class list during validation so there is no possibility of a class change. You may also want to include Document Review in your solution to ensure that documents are correctly classified before being validated.