Thin Client Validation considerations for database lookups

When Thin Client Validation is enabled in the Project Settings, the "Use validation form layout" option is enabled by default. This means that all form layout elements such as fields, labels, buttons, MiniViewers, etc. are displayed in Thin Client Validation.

Important For projects created in a previous version of Kofax Transformation Modules, enabling Thin Client Validation does not automatically enable the Use validation form layout option. Only projects created in Kofax Transformation Modules 5.5 or later have this option enabled by default.

If the Use validation form layout option is cleared, there are some differences in how the validation fields work in Thin Client Validation.

  • All fields are displayed in a single column.

  • The field name provided during extraction configuration is used as the field label by default.

    Note Custom labels added to a validation form layout by editing the field label text property are still supported in Thin Client Validation when the validation form layout is not used.
  • No MiniViewers are displayed.

  • Buttons are not displayed on the form in the location they were configured. Instead, they are located in a toolbar at the top of the Fields frame. Their order is determined by the tab sequence order.