Assign a new batch class

Document Routing also enables you to route documents to child batches and assign different batch classes to the child batches. For example, if a batch contains different types of documents such as invoices, international invoices and other mailroom documents, you can separate the documents according to the document type and continue processing in the most efficient way. This is especially helpful to reduce the complexity of the synchronized projects. Instead of defining classification, extraction, and auto-foldering settings for all kinds of documents within the same project, you can have several projects where each contains only the settings needed to process a specific document type. Therefore, you split the batch after classification and process each document type separately.

Assigning a new batch class to a child batch creates a new batch and restarts processing after Kofax Capture Scan module as defined for the assigned batch class.

Important To assign a new batch class to a child batch you reference it by using its batch class name that is defined in Kofax Capture Administration. If you use the name of a batch class that is not published yet, an error occurs and the parent batch is routed to Kofax Capture Quality Control. Documents that are split from the parent batch before the error occurred, continue processing as defined.