Classes collection Details

The details about a collection of classes is displayed in the Details window whenever Classes Project Tree - Classes icon is selected in the Project Tree.

If you want to view all of the classes at once, you can click on the "Show Classes in Multi-Selection" button or double-click on the Classes Project Tree - Classes icon collection item in the Project Tree.

When you click this button, a grid displays all of the details for these subclasses and is separated into three distinct areas:

  • The Class column lists all of the classes in the selected class and is always visible when you scroll through the different options on the right.

  • A scrollable list of class details is displayed to the right of the class list.

  • An editable row is displayed across the top of the scrollable class options. This can be used to edit a single class or multiple classes selected in the Class column.

Here, all common settings that are in all of the classes for the selected class can be edited at once.