Sort New Samples for vendor name and ID

If you are working with a large document subset, sorting may help organize the documents in a more useful manner. The New Samples document set has a predefined set of columns that enable sorting the new sample documents in ascending or descending order for a selected column. From the Choose Details window, you can add further columns for document fields. In addition, you can use filter to display only those documents whose columns have a particular value.

You can sort Extraction New Samples for the vendor name and ID by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. Select the Extraction subset in the New Samples document set.

    The documents for the subset are displayed in the List View with a predefined set of columns.

  3. Click Choose Details in the New Samples toolbar to add columns for the document fields that contain the vendor name and ID.

    The Choose Details window is displayed.

  4. Select the fields that contain the vendor name and vendor ID and click OK.

    By default, any field is considered as text field and an alphanumeric sorting is applied. If a selected field has numeric, percent or date values, you can change the sorting type. For example, if the vendor ID contains numbers only, you can change the sort type for the selected column to "Number".

    The columns for the selected fields are added to the list view.

  5. Click the vendor name or vendor ID column header to sort your documents accordingly. Click the header once again to change the sorting from ascending to descending.
    Note In order for sorting to work correctly, all document data needs to be loaded.
  6. Optionally, you can select a custom filter for the vendor name or vendor ID to filter documents for individial vendors or IDs.