Documents window

This window is displayed across the bottom of the Details window by default. The contents of this window are usually separated into two panes and a toolbar.

The left pane displays the document sets. This includes the preconfigured document sets as well as any manually added document sets. Selecting a document set expands it to show its document subsets. The default document subset icon Default Document Subset icon is used to indicate which of the document subsets is the default.

By default, only a single document set is displayed at a time. If you select a second document set, it automatically collapses the first document set. If you want to work with multiple document sets at the same time, you can keep them open by using the Auto Hide Pin icon option.

The right pane displays the documents in the selected document set in one of three views:

Note The Hierarchy view is available only for test sets or benchmark sets when the default document subset is selected. If any other document subset is selected, the Hierarchy View Documents Window - Hierarchy View icon toolbar option is not available.

When pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + H, an additional pane is displayed next to the view panes of the Documents window. This pane can also be displayed by selecting the option from the Documents tab on the Ribbon, or from the document shortcut menu. The Assign class to documents pane allows assigning the correct class for the selected document(s), and provides the option to automatically reduce a long list of class names by typing the name in the filtering text field.

Regardless of the selected view, the left pane that displays the list of document sets remains the same. The list of document sets is collapsed by default. Clicking on a document set expands it and displays all subsets included in that document set.

Many of the options available in the Documents tab of the Ribbon are also available in a shortcut menu or the toolbar. Depending on whether you select a document set or a document subset, different options are available.

The different document set types use the following icons to differentiate one type from another.

Option Name and Description

Classification Benchmark (All Classification Settings) icon

Classification Set

The Classification Set contains the training documents for various classes.

Benchmark - Extraction Selected Class icon

Extraction Set

This is the Extraction Set that contains various training documents for the group locators as well as the Text Content Locator organized in various training document subsets.

New Samples Document Set icon

New Samples

The New Samples document set lists documents that are returned during production to improve the project.

Project Attached Benchmark Set icon

Benchmark Set

A benchmark set lists documents to provide document separation, classification and extraction benchmarks.

Note These document sets are attached to the project automatically. You can detach the benchmark set from your project by right-clicking and selecting Detach from Project from the shortcut menu.

Benchmark Set icon

Detached Benchmark Set

A benchmark set that is not attached to the project. When the project closes, this document set is removed from the Documents window and is available only in the Recent Documents list when the project is reopened.

Close Document Set icon

Test Set

A test set lists documents that can be used to configure and test the project. This test set is removed when the project is closed and added to the Recent Documents list so that it can be easily reopened.

Project Attached Test Set icon

Attached Test Set

This test set is attached to the project. This means that every time this project is opened, this test set is displayed in the Document window.

Selection Document Set icon


The Selection document set lists documents to provide document separation, classification and extraction benchmarks.