Edit a batch with Validation

In Validation, batch editing is a distinct mode separate from the validation form interface. This mode enable users to view and edit the batch structure using only the Document Viewer and the batch hierarchy. To apply batch editing operations the user has to switch the working mode to the Edit Batch mode. The only exception is the batch editing operation to rotate a page. This is allowed in both modes. By default, editing a batch is not allowed.

In Extended Synchronization Settings, if you enable Allow batch editing without enabling any of the individual options, Validation users are able to move pages, documents and folders, split and merge documents and folders, and create documents and folders. Batch operations such as deleting pages, documents and folders, adding pages and documents, and copying pages and documents can be enabled separately.

All batch editing operations change the status of a page, document or folder to invalid so that the user needs to confirm the items again, even if there are no invalid fields. The user has to switch back to the validation working mode to validate changes to document and folder fields or he can use Confirm Document to make the document valid again.

Note When rotating a page that is part of a valid document in Test Validation, the document validation is performed immediately. If the changes do not cause a validation rule to fail, the document status stays valid.