Recognition profiles

A recognition profile, or a recognition profile, has a one-to-one relationship with a profile type. This means that you cannot use the same profile for a zone and a page. This is because a zone recognition profile type requires zonal recognition and a page recognition profile type requires full page recognition. These two profile types have different requirements so cannot be shared.

The zone and page recognition profiles that you configure on the Recognition tab of the Project Settings window are "Global" profiles that can be used throughout your project.

When configuring your project, you can select a global profile for each of the following.

Tip If none of your default profiles are suitable for your needs, the best practice is to copy an existing profile and modify it as required. This ensures that you do not adversely affect any other classes, fields, or zones that are using the existing profile. This also ensures that you can test various recognition settings without losing track of the changes that you have made.