Move pages, documents and folders

If a batch contains a page, document or folder that is located in the wrong position in the batch, you can move it to the correct position.

You can rearrange the page order of a document, rearrange the document order in a batch, rearrange the folder order in a batch, and move pages between documents.

Important You can select multiple pages of one document and move them to a new location using drag-and-drop. You cannot however, select multiple documents or folders and move them using drag-and-drop.

When cutting and pasting in Document Review, you can only select one page, document, or folder at a time.

Note If you move the last page in a document, the document is automatically deleted from the batch. This behavior is also performed even if deleting documents is disabled for Document Review and Validation operators. To ensure that documents are not deleted in this manner, you can implement the Batch_BeforeMovePage event and cancel the operation when the last page in a document is deleted. For more details, see the Scripting Help.

You can move items in the following ways: