Localization tab - Project Settings window

The Localization tab is used to add and administer additional languages for the current project and to create an external resource file (*.xml) that contains the translated strings for a language.

Project Languages

This group lists all defined project languages. You can also set the design language for the project.

Select project design language

Select the desired design language from the list. This language is adapted for the localization of the current project. The value for this option is set to <no translation> by default.

Use the following buttons to manage your languages:


Click this button to add a new project language. An XML file is created automatically containing project strings for localization.

Note This newly created XML file does not contain any predefined value strings for the objects used in the project. To provide value strings as a basis for translation, you need to update the file.

Click this button to remove the currently selected project language. The corresponding XML file is not deleted.

Update XML

Click this button to update the XML file for the currently selected language.

When you select a single language, the Update XML window is displayed, where you can select a language from the list, that you can use as a basis for translation. When selecting multiple languages, this window is not available.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.