Manage image cleanup

Image cleanup is a process that removes unwanted and extraneous debris from images before extraction to improve recognition results. When images are scanned, printed, faxed, converted to black and white, or handled, they can have small marks or smudges that interfere with recognition.

In addition, documents may have extraneous graphical elements such as dotted lines, grids, or other structural marks that are not required and that may interfere with recognition. Image cleanup can be applied to an entire document or it can be restricted to a specific region or zone.

You can set up several global image cleanup profiles in the Project Settings - Image Cleanup tab. Each profile can contain one or more recognition method layered on top of each other to solve different combinations of issues. These profiles are then available when configuring an Advanced Zone Locator. In addition, you can create local image cleanup profiles when configuring the Advanced Zone Locator. This allows you to customize a single zone so it can use one or more additional cleanup methods besides those used in the global profile. If you don't want to use a global profile, you can use local methods only.

To manage image cleanup profiles, you can:

  • Add an image cleanup profile

  • Delete an image cleanup profile

  • Copy an image cleanup profile

  • Rename an image cleanup profile

  • Modify an image cleanup profile

  • Import an image cleanup profile

  • Export an image cleanup profile

In addition to creating image cleanup profiles for the Advanced Zone Locator, you can also select predefined image preprocessing for the RecoStar zone recognition engine.