Best practices for conflict resolution

For training documents, you get the best results and use fewer documents when every trainable field has content in the training document. If this is not the case, the number of documents needed for the Layout ID will increase. As a result, when you encounter conflicts that are not resolvable for one field, it is best to remove an entire document rather than the conflicting field data.

If a conflict occurs in the layout, the production will not stop to return documents until the conflict if resolved in Project Builder and the project is published. This might mean that a Layout ID has a lot of documents if a conflict happens to a frequent document layout. If grouping the trained documents by their Layout ID shows that there are a lot of documents with that Layout ID, you should first exclude some of the conflicted documents and retrain the project. Alternatively, check the Edit Document window for obvious errors and retrain the project.

If all trainable fields are trained for each document, the layout should be satisfied with three documents. Any document added in addition to this is not used for training. For example, if there are different sets of trainable fields, the Amount Group Locator will require three documents for each set of the trainable fields.