Local not-flag

Classification Local Not-Flag Rule Result icon The Local Not-Flag is a special result of the Instruction Classifier and is used only when you add one or more instructions to a class.

If the Instruction phrase has a relevance of less than -50% for a single class, it applies the Local Not-Flag to this class and that class is excluded from the classification result because its classification confidence is too low. This flag is stored together with the confidence inside the classification result and overrules any other result from the content classifier.

The following example shows the results for a class that has an instruction phrase configured that lowers its overall confidence. The phrase relevance is set to -60 and this value is less than the threshold set for the Local Not-Flag.

As a result, the class was excluded from the classification results because the instruction phrase was present on the document and its classification confidence is 0%.

The final classification result is given to the next highest confidence.

Note If a classification rule is applied to a document, a special icon is displayed next to the document in the Classification Results window. A tooltip for the icon explains the applicable rule.

An images that shows an example of some classification results with local not-flag applied.