Document subsets

A document subset is contained within a document set. The document set contains subsets and the subsets contain documents. This differentiation is important in order to managing your document sets effectively.

When you add a document set, a default document subset is added automatically. This subset is differentiated from the other document sets using the Default Document Subset icon icon. The current date and time are used as the name of the default document subset, but the name can be changed at any time.

In addition to the default document subset, the <All Documents> subset is created automatically when a document set is added. As new documents and subsets are added, <All Documents> grows to include any unique documents that exist in the other document subsets, but in a read-only format. These different subsets contain documents for different purposes or scenarios.

The directory structure that applies to the document set is also applicable to all document subsets within that document set. This means that you cannot add a document subset that does not adhere to the same directory structure. This is especially important if you forget to select the Include subdirectories and the Create folder for each subdirectory options when adding a document set. If this occurs, you may want to add a new document set to account for the desired folder structure, and even remove the document set with the undesirable hierarchy.

Because the directory structure is applicable to all document subsets, it is possible that some subsets are empty. This is because a specific document subset may not contain documents for a directory that was included in the document set.

Most document subsets can be duplicated, modified by adding documents, renamed, or even deleted. You cannot however, delete the <All Documents> subset.