Add a text anchor

Text anchors can be used to improve extraction results for any zone mapped to that anchor. Several improvements have been made to single-line anchor matching. Because of this, try to use text on a single line for the best results.

When matching a text anchor, a fuzzy search is used to locate the anchor text in the anchor search area. If there are multiple possible hits of the entered Anchor text, the anchor is not valid because an anchor must have a unique result to be valid. In some cases, a different Anchor text can be used. In other cases, a smaller and more appropriate search area should be used or the minimum confidence can be modified.

If your document requires a text anchor you can add one by following these steps:

  1. Open the locator properties.
  2. Open the reference document.

    The Document Viewer (Zone Mode) window is displayed.

  3. On the Document Viewer (Zone Mode) toolbar, click Add Anchor Add Anchor icon.

    The cursor changes so that you can draw a zone.

  4. Draw a zone around the text that you are using for the anchor.

    The Anchor Properties window is displayed.

  5. Select Text as the Anchor type.

    The properties are updated for the selected anchor type and the zone is displayed in the Viewer.

  6. Type a descriptive Name for the anchor.
  7. Optionally, adjust the size of the zone by modifying the Top, Left, Width, and Height values.

    The Viewer updates based on any changes made to these options.

  8. Optionally, select a different Page number if the anchor zone is located on a specific page.

    The value for this option is set based on where you draw the zone. If you are on the third page, the value for this option is set to 3 when an anchor zone is drawn. As a result, only modify this option if the anchor zone was drawn on the wrong page.

  9. Optionally, select a different Reference point if the anchor zone is not in the default top left position on the document.

    If the Reference point is set to Top left corner and the anchor zone is actually in the top right corner, registration of zones may be poor.

  10. Optionally, add an Image cleanup profile.
  11. In the Text Anchor Settings group, do the following:
    1. Select a suitable Recognition profile to find the anchor text.
    2. Adjust the Minimum confidence value as needed.
      Note The default value of 90% should be used in most cases. Lowering this value could mean that unwanted values are included in the results. Only adjust this option if the selected text is not being found at the default confidence level.
    3. Click Refresh Anchor Results if the button is enabled.
    4. Lasso the text in the Viewer or type a value into the Anchor text field.

      A confidence rating based on the image in the Viewer is displayed. If the value is high, the anchor text should be easily found.

  12. Click OK to save your anchor settings.

    If there are multiple results or there is no result, you are unable to save your anchor. If necessary, go back and repeat step 11 until you have a valid anchor result. If you cannot reduce the number of duplicates, press Cancel and try again with a smaller search area or a different keyword.

  13. Optionally, close the Document Viewer (Zone Mode) window.
  14. Optionally, click Close to close the locator properties window.
  15. Save the changes to your project.