Set up Verification

Kofax Transformation Modules - Verification is a custom module that can be added to the Kofax Capture batch class queue list (see workflow.) Verification is typically placed just after the final Validation step in the workflow. Verification runs as an attended module and provides fast keying functionality to verify fields and folder fields. If needed, a document can be rejected.

You can configure Verification by following these steps:

  1. Expand the Project Tree and select the class.
  2. Optionally, view the class contents if they are not already displayed.

    The hidden class contents are displayed.

  3. Select a field that requires verification from the list of fields in the Project Tree.

    The field properties are displayed in the Details window.

  4. In the Details window, in the User Interactive Modules group, click Display field in Verification.

    This ensures that fields with this name are shown in the Verification module.

  5. Select one of the following verification modes:
    • Confirm

    • Blind double keying

    • Read-only

  6. Test your verification settings using Test Verification.