Default validation form

The default validation form is shown in Validation or in the Test Validation working mode when no validation form is defined for a class or its parent class. The default layout is also shown when you start to customize a validation form for a class.

In general the default validation form shows all fields for a class, simple fields and table fields. By default, a simple field has a field label, an input text box, and a mini viewer. By default, table fields are positioned at the end of a form, but can be moved to another position on the same tab or to another tab.

A validation form that contains only a single tab is shown without any tabs when loaded in Validation or Test Validation.

If you have folders enabled, the folder pane is displayed at the top area that shows the classification and extraction results. By default, the folder pane shows the folder fields of the selected folder level and a corresponding field label. There is a separation between the pane and the rest of the form, but a colored background for the pane or no separation may be defined. Color settings are made for the general properties for a folder level and separation is defined in the class properties.