Add documents to the selected class for extraction training

If your project is configured for Extraction Online Learning, you can add documents from custom test set to your Extraction Set if they are good representative examples of a specific class and return accurate results. This can be done using either the List View or the Hierarchy View.

You can add one or more documents to the Extraction Set for the selected class, from the list view by following these steps:

  1. Open the Documents window if it is not already open.
  2. Select the document set and the document subset that contains the documents you are adding for classification training.

    The documents in the selected document subset are displayed in the selected view.

  3. As needed, switch to the List view Documents Window - Flat View icon or the Hierarchy view Documents Window - Hierarchy View icon.

    If you are testing document separation, use the Hierarchy view. Otherwise, use the List view.

    The selected document set is displayed.

  4. In the list of documents, select the documents that are good extraction examples of a specific class.
  5. Open the Project Tree window if it is not already open.
  6. Expand the Project Tree and select the class where the documents are to be added to the Extraction Set.
  7. Right-click the selected documents and select Add to Training Set of Selected Class (Extraction) Train for Extraction icon.

    The Edit Document window is displayed where you can set the extraction settings for the selected documents.

  8. Edit the documents as necessary and close the Edit Documents window.

    The newly added documents are located in the default document subset within your Extraction Set, and they are confirmed automatically.

  9. Optionally, repeat the previous steps to add additional documents to other classes.