Instruction Properties window

A list of phrases is displayed here.

This window is used to set up the individual instructions for the instruction classifier. The following options are available:

Search exact

This option only returns a confident classification result if the phrases are found on the document exactly as they entered here. This option is cleared by default.


Set the relevance value for the instruction. If an instruction consists of several phrases, all parts of the instruction need to be found on the document. The relevance values for all the instructions found on the document are added up, and yield the classification result. The value for this option is set to 20 by default.


This list displays all the phrases the instruction contains. To modify a phrase double click the phrase in the list of phrases. The Modify phrase window is displayed where you can edit the phrase.

Option Name and Description
New Phrase icon

Add New Phrase

Adds a new phrase to the list of phrases.

Delete Phrase icon

Delete Phrase

Deletes the currently selected phrase from the list of phrases.

Not Phrase icon

Negate Phrase

Click this button to toggle the Not value for the currently selected phrase. If Not is assigned, the phrase needs to not be found on the document.

Note A phrase that is defined as Not is marked with an exclamation mark, !.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.