Trainable Document Separation

This type of separation is disabled by default for all new projects. This means that Server separates documents based on how each individual page is classified. Configure separation settings on the Document Separation tab of the Project Settings window.

Use this type of document separation when the content and layout of the first pages of your documents vary within a class. This separation type is also useful when the length of a document is not consistent because you can train first pages, middle pages and last pages for each classification result. To successfully train your project for separation, use a large training set that contains typical examples of each classification type. Add these documents to the Classification Set and confirm them.

For example, you configure a project to recognize correspondence. Most correspondence varies in length, content, and layout. Trainable document separation works well for this type of document because Server can recognize typical first page, middle page, and last page content found on correspondence letters.

Important After changing the properties of your classifiers, or after adding or deleting documents from your training set, you must retrain your project.