Table Properties

Use these properties to configure the look of your tables.


This group has the following options:

Auto fit columns

Select TRUE in the list to adjust the table column size in Kofax Transformation Modules - Validation automatically. Select FALSE to allow setting a user defined column size. To define the size click right to the icon of the Columns property. The Column properties window is displayed. Select the column on the left side and insert a value (in pixel) for the Column width property on the right.


The settings for the collection of columns displays in a Column properties window. Select the property and click the icon to the right. Use the settings to specify a style for each table column, the column width and if the column is read-only. You can choose a Combobox, Checkbox or a normal field for the style.

Note If you select the Combobox style for a column, there are additional settings available.

This group has the following options:


To change the anchor settings click the arrow next to the list and click the positions where you want to place the anchor. The property is visible only for elements that are located on the validation form and not for the folder pane on the validation form. The value for this option is set to Top, Left by default.


The x and y values of the sample table on the form (in pixels). To change the position move it to the desired place.

Show toolbar

Set this property to FALSE if you do not want to display the table toolbar on the &Validation; form. By default, it is set to TRUE.


The table width and height in pixels. To change the size adjust the table on the form.


You can define a text that is displayed on top of the table toolbar. If left blank, the number of valid/invalid cells is displayed.

When you click the button to the right, the Translations window is displayed, where you can define different translations for the caption.