Manage dictionaries

You can use dictionaries throughout a project to help with various functions such as classification, extraction, validation, and formatting.

A dictionary can be a comma delimited file or a text file. A comma delimited file (.csv) contains a list of entries, each on a new line. If an entry has more than one option, it is separated with a comma (,). A text file (.txt) contains each dictionary entry on a new line. If a dictionary entry has more than one option, they are separated with a field delimiter such as a semicolon (;).

If a dictionary does contain more than one option per line, "The import file contains auto replace values" option on the Dictionary Options window needs to be selected. The correct Field delimiter also needs to be specified. If there are two options per line, the second option is Replacement Text.

If these options are not selected, then the multiple options per line are considered as a single option.

Be sure that when you update a dictionary, you always save the project(s) that use this dictionary. That way you ensure that an updated dictionary is also used during production.

Dictionaries can be used in the following locations:

To manage dictionaries, you can: