Anchors tab - Zone Properties window

The top of the Zone Properties window provides a view of the zone image, the name of the selected zone, and the three tabs to adjust your settings.

This window enables you to assign manual anchors to zones. These anchors override global registration results if the minimum number of anchors is recognized. You can map multiple zones to a single anchor, assign different anchors to different zones on the same page, and specify the required number of recognized anchors. A zone is valid if the required number of anchors are recognized. If fewer than the required number of anchors is recognized, the zone is invalid.

Available Anchors

This group lists all anchors defined for this zone.


This group has the following options:

Use PDF text if available

Select this option to avoid running recognition for a PDF that has embedded text.


Select a profile from the list.

Use the following buttons to manage your recognition profiles:


Displays the Profile Settings for the selected recognition profile.


Displays the Project Settings - Recognition tab.

Selected Anchors

This group lists any anchors selected for this zone using the arrow buttons between the two groups. It also has the following option:

Required number of recognized anchors

Select the number of anchors that are required to make the zone valid. The value for this option is set to <All> by default.

Recognition Test

This group displays the test results for the select zone and its subfields.

Important These test results only refer to the reference document. If you want to test the results for other documents, you need to test them in the locator properties.

Definitions for the buttons at the bottom of this window can be found in Common Project Builder Buttons.