Table fields

Table fields contain many pieces of extracted data from a document. Each cell in the table contains extracted data, but instead of configuring each cell separately using simple fields, a table field in partnership with a table model and a locator, does this automatically.

Important Only Table Locator, Line Item Matching Locator, and Standard Evaluator locator methods support table fields.

It is common for the individual cells in a table field to be strongly linked by validation rules with complex calculations. Table fields can also be linked with simple fields for the purposes of validation.

For example, an invoice has a table that contains several items that require payment. A table field is populated with these line items and is validated to make sure the line item sums match the total amount of the invoice.

Note Assigning a locator that does not support tables to a table field resets the field to a simple field automatically, or warns you that the selected locator requires a different field type.